Our Silk Weaves

Manner Market uses Grade A silk for all its products. It is a 100% natural fiber that's renewable, biodegradable and long lasting.
This high quality material is weaved into a number of different fabrics which we use to make our scarves and scrunchies.

Please read below to learn more about our different weaves and their properties.


Satin is the weave that comes to mind when thinking of silk, a gorgeous material with a rich look and feel. We love its lightweight and airy flowing movement. With its gentle luster and elegant sheen silk satin has a natural feel compared to overly shiny synthetic versions which attract static electricity.

Satin has a shiny side and a mat side but we print it on both sides to provide the best colors in all situations. It is the most delicate of fabrics so we advise you to be careful with nails and jewelry or any sharp object.

Manner Market uses silk satin in the following collections:
The Western Silk Scarves
The Dee Silk Scrunchies


Silk twill is recognizable to its characteristic diagonal stripe texture which provides a sturdy structure to the fabric. You know it because it's the weave used in making denim. It's sheen is more subtle than satin but shows on both sides. We think twill is the best compromise between softness and durability while keeping the appeal of rich silk fabrics.

We print our silk twill on both faces to get the best colors in any situation.

Manner Market uses silk twill in the following collections:
The Agnes Silk Scarves
The Kelly Silk Scarves
The Sophia Silk Scarves

Crêpe de Chine

A slightly sheer silk weave with a lustrous, matte finish. Crêpe de Chine is an airy and light fabric that drapes very well. Its name comes from the twisted yarn used on the weft which provides a characteristic texture and subtle sheen. You will love how it flows on our bigger scarves and its breathability makes it perfect for summer and winter alike.

We print our Crêpe de Chine scarves on both sides for great colors in every situation.

Mannner Market uses silk Crêpe de Chine in the following collection:
The Herrera Silk Scarves
The Georgia Silk Scrunchies


Organza is a light and sheer material made with exceptionally fine threads. The silk fibers are not de-gummed like on other silk fabrics which gives it its signature stiffness. You’ve seen it used as a sheer top material for vintage dresses. We love how much volume you get from such a light and seemingly frail textile.

Manner Market uses silk organza in the following collection:
The Dee Silk Scrunchies


Silk Chiffon is the lightest of silk weaves. It’s a sheer, elegant fabric with a slightly rough gauze-like texture and a beautiful drape. Made from fine twisted fibres, chiffon has a slight stretch to it which makes it perfect to use in our scrunchies. You will love its unique crepe texture and elegant billowing.

Manner Market uses silk chiffon in the following collection:
The Dee Silk Scrunchies