Manner Market believes style is about self-expression. Inspired by classic patterns, we create modern designs to complement casual and elaborate outfits using high quality silk and printing techniques. Our styles bring outfits to life.

About our scarves

At Manner Market, we use the highest quality silk, Grade 6A, to weave our thick satin and twill and we finish it with Japanese hemming thread. It has a luxury feel and it's breathable, light and soft.

We print our scarves on both sides to ensure you get the brightest colors no matter how you wear them.

Our packaging and tags are now made of FSC certified paper and they look better than ever.

We work with a small silk supplier who understands the importance of quality. We figured that if China mastered the fabrication of silk since 3000 BC, then they must know their stuff. We love that they also respect the environment with a chemical free process and their own waste treatment system.

Q&A with Audria, Manner Market founder

So, why scarves?

Scarves have always been my staple accessory, but it seems that most brands treat it as a forgotten or neglected item. I wanted to create a brand that focused on reinventing scarves, to show people how amazing they are, how they can transform an outfit, and that they are most certainly not just for your grandmother.

What's you favorite way to wear your scarf?

The double knot is my favorite. It’s so chic and simple, especially when you’re wearing all black - it just elevates your whole look.

Growing up, what was your favorite place in Los Angeles?

Fairfax Blvd with its delis and second hand stores. It’s a long street lined with childhood memories - almost like a timeline.

What do you love most about LA?

I used to hate Los Angeles. I moved to NYC in my early twenties, but when I started designing I realized all my inspiration was about LA. Reflecting on Angelenos I admire most, Chris Burden, Jonathan Gold and bands like the Germs - it’s clear to me that those who are born here share a thirst for discovering our backyard. Now I’m completely obsessed with LA, it's infused in all my creative projects. 

What was your first concert?

There was a record shop on Melrose Ave that specialized in punk. I don’t know who the band even was, but it’s where I fell in love with music in general.