How to wear our silk scarves

Infinite possibilities, unlimited looks

Scarves are a very versatile accessory and that's why we love them so much at Manner Market.
There is literally a hundred of ways you can wear a scarf and that doesn't only mean around your neck.
Your head, your waist or your bust; your hat, your bag or your pants; let your inspiration guide you and let us guide your inspiration.

Look down this page to find your favorite way to wear your Manner Market scarf.

  • The Loose Knot

  • The Double Knot

  • Over The Shoulder

  • The Choker

  • Ponytail Scarf

  • Scarf bun

  • Scarf around bun

  • Scarf Hairbow

  • The Headscarf

  • The Babushka

  • Wrapped around basket handle

  • Tied around bag handle

  • Front belt

  • The Classic Scarf Belt

  • Diamond Belt

  • Scarf hat

  • The Tuck

  • The Loose Front

  • The Sailor

  • Scarf Top

  • Scarf Braid

  • Over the Front

  • The Cowgirl

  • The Side Knot