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Redefining classic designs for the modern woman.

  • Silk Scarves

    Manner Market makes silk scarves with a contemporary flair. We design timeless classic patterns getting inspiration from the arts and culture we love and use a high quality silk with different textures to create a new experience. From fun to elegant, we cover every style for every day and every occasion.

  • The Western

  • Silk Scrunchies

    Manner Market introduces a new classic accessory and gives it the luxurious silk treatment. Our two collections of scrunchies feature dramatic sizes, various textures and construction to give your hair a new life. Explore our new styles to learn how scrunchies are so much more than what you are used to.

  • The Georgia

The best things come in beautiful packaging

We now use FSC certified vellum paper to package our scarves, and plastic free tags. It's nicer to the environment and we're sure you'll love it.

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