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All you need to know about our products

We know you have plenty of questions about Manner Market silk scarves and scrunchies, their size, their printing, their packaging etc... and hopefully we are adressing most of them here and in our FAQ.
And if there are some things you are still not completely sure about, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on our contact page, we love to talk about our products and learn about our customers concerns!


We have revised our packaging to keep it as environment friendly as possible.

Our scarves and scrunchies come in a vellum paper enveloppe which is 100% recyclable.
Our tags are made of paper and attached to our products with natural fiber yarn.


Our scarves and scrunchies come in different sizes.
Read below to get a sense of how the compare to each other and how they will look on you.

And if you need ideas on how to wear our scarves, check out our "how to wear" page.

  • XL size scarves

    35in by 35in | 89cm by 89cm

    The following collection use this size:
    The Herrera