Wellness and mindfulness 
can be part of fashion

As consumers we can be mindful about the clothing we wear - from the fabrication to the dye’s we use. Our body is a breathing organ and the products that sit on us should be considered. This is the approach we took when sourcing for our silk.

Our silk quality 

When looking into our production process, it was important for us to learn as much as possible about the silk composition chosen for Manner Market. We use Grade A Silk - a top grade silk that can be unraveled without silk floss breaking. Its also light and soft to the touch. The Breathability, softness and strength of our silk was very important to our scarves. 

Why China

We choose to produce our silk scarves with china. We figured if they mastered the fabric of silk since 3000 BC then it must be special. We searched many factories and befriended an ethical factory that understood its materials from its ancestors but also sustainability. 


The ink we use is reactive dyes. It was important for us to preserve the colors of the dye but without the nasty stuff.
We don’t use K-R,KD-7G,K-GR,H-10B,KE-4RN. 

Factory Washing 

Everything in factories gets washed and it's pretty polutting to the environment. Especially when most of us dont understand the the dyes factories use.

We found a company that has its own sewage disposal system. Which means all the water coming from the dye will meet the corresponding sewage treatment standards before discharge. And most importantly it does not drain to lakes.  It’s a scary thought to think about but luckily we found folks who care about the environment as much as we do.  

The stitch  

And our hemming threads come from Japan. Its a little touch of luxury and strength the edges of the scarf.

 Feel good about
what you wear